The Crest Embodies The Following

The Sanskrit verse "Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya" is an invocation to lead mankind from darkness to light. The picture of girls offering floral tributes beside the flame, is a glorification of light and prayer to God. The effiorescent lotus at its top symbolizes purity and beauty. The Book and the ascending Sun are symbols of wisdom and enlightenment. At the bottom is inscribed the name of the College.

Laboratory & The Library Rules

The Govt. Women's College, Jeypore has around 20,947 Books. The members of the staff, students and other persons specially permitted by the Principal may use the library.

  1. Normally the Library and the Students Reading Room remains open during the College hours of all working days.
  2. All transactions of the library with the students are done during the college hours on all working days.
  3. The maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers as given below.

No. of Books
Permitted Time
Teaching staff
Members of the Non-Teaching staff
Class IV Employees
UG students
+2 students
Hons. Students
  1. Students are required to submit their requisition slips in the library counter/Box kept for the purpose on all working days for books one day before the scheduled date of issue as notified.
  2. No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian or until it has been properly entered in the loan register and entry attested by the borrower.
  3. Every borrower should examine the condition of the books before it is issued to her otherwise, in case of mutilation discovered afterwards, the presumption will be against the borrower.
  4. Books marked "RESERVED COPY" shall not be issued without special permission of the Head of the department of the concerned subject.
  5. A book once issued to a borrower can be re-issued to him/her only if no other borrower wants it.
  6. It is a serious offence for a borrower to sign for another or borrow books in another's name. students are therefore required to take utmost care of their library cards and to report to the librarian immediately if their library cards are lost. A new card will be issued on payment of Rs.2.00/-.
  7. A fine of Rs.0.50 paisa will be charged per day for all cases of overdue. (Paisa will be rounded off to the next Rupee.)
  8. Penalty, as deemed fit will be imposed if the page(s) of a book is /are removed or torn or mutilated Marking or writing anything on the pages is strictly forbidden.
  9. Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by the borrower. If the book is not available the borrower may have to pay an amount up to a maximum of (10) ten times of the catalogue price of the book. In case where the price cannot be ascertained the borrower should pay the amount fixed by the Principal.
  10. Students must return the library books before filing up their Form for the Final Examination.
  11. Sticks, umbrella and personal belongings should not be brought in to the library premises, spiting, or sleeping inside the library/reading Room is strictly forbidden.
  12. Those who use the library & Reading Room must observe strict silence and agree to abide them by the library rules. The librarian will report to the professor in charge all cases of incivility on the part of either of the students or the library staff and the professor in-charge will report such cases to the Principal.

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