The Crest Embodies The Following

The Sanskrit verse "Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya" is an invocation to lead mankind from darkness to light. The picture of girls offering floral tributes beside the flame, is a glorification of light and prayer to God. The effiorescent lotus at its top symbolizes purity and beauty. The Book and the ascending Sun are symbols of wisdom and enlightenment. At the bottom is inscribed the name of the College.

Job Chart For Class-III And Class-IV Employees

1. Head Clerk: Sri. P.K. Dash, Administative Work
2. Sri. P.Halba, Senior Clerk – Accounts Work


  • Office Control and field supervision of work of all Class III and Class IV Employees.
  • Sorting out all types of letters and putting before the principal for correspondence.
  • Maintenance of service Books of both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff (both original & duplicate).
  • Maintenance of personal files of both Gazetted and non-Gazetted staff and members guest facilities.
  • Maintence of C.C.Rs and all sorts of confidential papers of both Gazetted staff and non-Gazetted staff.
  • Maintenance of C.L Register of both Gazettedand and non-Gatted Staff and sanction all kinds of leaves to staff.
  • Keeping of the monthly work load statements of teaching staff, including contract Lecturers.
  • Keeping of the records of the Teacher Fellowship/Refreshs to staff.
  • Keeping of the monthly work load statements of teaching staff, including contract Lecturers.
  • Keeping of the records of the Teacher Fellowship/Refresher/Orientation Course if any of the Gazetted staff.
  • Dealing with all Assembly Questions.
  • U.G.C. & NAAC Correspondence.
  • Affiliation of the subjects for +2 and Degree level.
  • Drafting of letters of Estt. Section.
  • Issue of original University certificate, Degree Mark Sheet, Issue of C.L.C., Conduct & Study Certificates.
  • In-Charge of Iron Safe, Typing of all Official works.
  • Keeping of stationary, stock and store of Furniture.
  • Purchase of Govt. Contingency and keeping of their records.
  • Matter relating to Development Committee and purchase Committee.
  • Preparation of personal papers for both Gazettedand and non-Gatted Staff and Contract Lecturers.


  • Sanction of Increment/Earned Leave/Surrender Leave etc., for both Teaching and Non-Teaching staff and to put up before the Principal.


  • Maintence of Cash Book (Govt. P.L./U.G.C. / NAAC/N.S.S. / YRC) etc of both +2 and +3 Wings of the College.
  • Preparation of all types of Bills (Gazettedand and non-Gatted Staff).


  • Sanction of G.P.F. / G.I.C. and all type of Advances and maintenance of records.
  • Budget and Draft appropriation.
  • Return of collection and Expenditure.
  • L.P.C.
  • P.L. Cheques and all types of Bank Drafts / Challan deposit.

4. Sri. P.C. Nayak, Jr. Clerk

  • Collection of all kinds of fees (both +2 and +3 Wings.)
  • Maintenance of demand register and collection register.
  • P.L. Ledger and subsidiary P.L. Account.
  • All kinds of correspondence with C.H.S.E. including Return of Matriculate.
  • Issue of original C.H.S.E certificate and Mark sheet, CLC, Conduct Certificate.
  • In-charge of College Examinations / Council / University.
  • In-charge of Annual verification of the stocks and stores.
  • Building files
  • Submission of daily collection to the senior clerk and Account Bursar.
  • Timely discharge of the Accounts work when required.

5. Smt. K. Mohapatra. P.E.T.,

  • In addition to her normal duties she is assigned the following duties.
  • Preparation of Long Roll, Admission and Attendance Registers (Both +2 and +3 Wings.).
  • In charge of Time Table, proctorial and Progress reports (Both +2 & +3 Wings.).
  • Numbering of Furniture and other items.
  • Look in to the Cleaning of the Class room, office and verandah etc.

6. Smt. J. Samal. Jr. Librarian

  • In addition to her normal duties she will discharge the following duties.
  • Issue & Renewal of Identity and Library Card. (Both +2 & +3 Wings.)
  • Admission work (H.S. Wing)
  • Maintenance of Acquaintance of Books/C.Ds etc., under U.G.C. assistance.

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